New Mount Media, Samuel Paul & Matthew Goodman Conned

New Mount Media, Samuel Paul & Matthew Goodman Conned us into making a website


Do not go near this company as they will take your money and will not deliver anything. Gave 3 months to design a website and it was full of lies over lies and did not complete anything but took our money. Every time was new excuses from Managing Director such as commercial director was ill. Took them 2 months for them to say they couldn’t design a logo because the graphics team was not good enough. MY ADVICE IS THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND WILL DO NOTHING SO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, as you will be disappointed for sure with them as i have experienced it. Also the managing director will tell you all the stories in the world to get business but in actual fact he does not have a clue what he is doing. I have proof of everything the director has said and lied about so if anyone needs more information please get back to me. They refuse to make a refund and say you can take us to court if you wish. So have to go through long route of legal proceedings. Stay away and you will do yourself a massive favor!!! Also if you have been conned by New Mount Media (Samuel Paul & Matt Goodman) then please report them to trading standards and the police immediately.


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