New Mount Media Sam Paul took £6000.00 for a website

Having being approached by new mount media’s MD and being promised all , i asked for an e-commerce website and all SEO and paid £6000.00+ i got in return a very basic website of which i had to do at least 80% of the work on it they set about a facebook advertising campaine to promote the business which i did not want in the first place but they did it anyway saying it was the best way to get more sales which it did not , they did not produce any proof of the advertisement stats, they took money for PR9 links still no proof given i asked for a program/plugin to be added to the website which was not done, i have been pataint with this company giveing them over 6 months to complete and im left with just a website that i basically did myself, asked if i would recommend this company “h*** no” they are totally untrust worthy and will take every last penny from you given the chance,

We are a small family business and trying hard to make a good company in these hard times without being ripped of by new mount media and alike



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