New Mount Media – Sam Paul SCAM – RIP OFF – STAY WELL CLEAR Manchester Nationwide

Please DO NOT hand over any money this business until you have seen that they have carried out the work for you.

We are a very small division of a large company based in Rochester and we have very little budget for anything like Marketing or a “Fancy Website” but we had a call from a guy called Sam Paul who promised us a fantastic website that would put our products in front of the right people and ofcourse make us more profitable.

After spending 20 minutes – 30 minutes talking to Sam and listening to him telling me how amazing our products were and how we could also benefit from some Social Media Marketing and how he can create us a facebook page which he could also generate 100,000 likes within a 3 month period from our “target audiance” I started to see how this could really benefit my division.

I went to my Director and managed to get £3500 signed off for this service and I am yet to see a single thing, The phone constantly rings out, The assistant never gets back to me when she says she will and I have my Director breathing down my neck for results.

We have decided to write this off as abad experience and it hasn’t really affected things too much for me or our Business but for those small companies out there please stay well clear of Sam Paul and the New Mount Media team!

RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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