After I paid I had no contact from them for several weeks – I chased them, I called them, I emailed them, I tried contacting them through linkedin – I spoke with the original sales guy (Scott Edge) and he kept on saying I needed to speak with my account manager (Naiomi Shimmin) – she never took my calls, returned my messages or resonded to my emails. After another couple of weeks I was fed up – I contacted their MD (Samuel Paul) through linkedin – no response – I then tried their marketing manager – michael kirby. He got back to me saying he would love to help with this and after trying to change my mind agreed that I should eb due a refund but I probably woudln’t get it as they woudl have already spent some of the money on the campaign (which I had not received or agreed to yet).

Also kept on being asked had I e-signed the project form – I had not received this in any case and by now would not have signed it.

I then also got an email from Naiomi Shimmin with a lot of lies in it saying she had tried to contact me several times (she had my personal mobile number, my office number, I had emailed her with no response and tried linkedin) – total lies.

Anyway a few more weeks on and no more contact from them. They are rip off merchants of the highest degree.

Hassled me a lot, promised a lod, delivered nothing, ignored me and refused to give me a refund.


Thankfully I hadn’t given them too much money but it was still too much.


Avoid anything to do with this company or these people. They are liers and just out to rip people off.



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