Mount Media charged £1200 for Video Ad. Still waiting after 3 months

happened to be contacted by a sale reps from New Mount Media who offered me a facebook marketing campaign offer for my business, at this point I had no website for my business as I was starting up.

I took the offer as I wanted to start marketing my life coach services on any platform to get exposed and get online as every business would. At this point, I wasn’t told by the rep that I would require a website. He just went and put the transaction through and promised that the campaign will be run. The next day, I had a call from a guy called Steve King (aka Jack Mason) who was one developers so he introduced himself and told me that in order to run the facebook campaign I would require a website. For a start-up business I thought I might as well. Anyway the website was built (again very pricey compared to what I saw advertised on the People Per Hour or Elance) and the campaign were put to run. I had a few campaign through New Mount Media, I never had a client through the campaign. I still get calls to put in more campaigns, which I later stopped as I have had too many on the marketting front without any leads or clients! I decided on a different strategy to make an audio telling people what I do and how I can help them. As I put transcripts and record my voice ready for sending the files to New Mount Media for upload on my site. I was advise by Steve King (aka Jack Mason) that this is his area of expertise  and that he can do the audio (or voice over as was referred) with their top range in-house software application to make it more professional. I only need to pay £1200 and it will be ready in 2 weeks in Feb 2014. Until this day I am STILL waiting for what was meant to be 2 weeks work now 3 months+ and STILL WAITING!

I am constanly having to chase New Mount Media via (Naiomi Shimmin) on the progress the work after being told that work was 90% completed on 10th April and will receive on 13th April (3 days after), its taking another 2 months+ to complete the rest 10%.

I only want what I paid for and what I was promised, if you can’t deliver I want a refund to what I owe, surely it can’t be that hard. I would really appreciate any advise from anyone who has been through similar ordeal with New Mount Media.

Testimonial on New Mount Media Website- I gave a testimonial a few months ago which is now on New Mount Media site after the development of the website, not for any other service. Note: I have since re-design the website and moved my hosting to a different provider.



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