Yet Another Review of Sam Paul

Please DO NOT hand over any money this business until you have seen that they have carried out the work for you.

We are a very small division of a large company based in Rochester and we have very little budget for anything like Marketing or a “Fancy Website” but we had a call from a guy called Sam Paul who promised us a fantastic website that would put our products in front of the right people and ofcourse make us more profitable.

After spending 20 minutes – 30 minutes talking to Sam and listening to him telling me how amazing our products were and how we could also benefit from some Social Media Marketing and how he can create us a facebook page which he could also generate 100,000 likes within a 3 month period from our “target audiance” I started to see how this could really benefit my division.

I went to my Director and managed to get £3500 signed off for this service and I am yet to see a single thing, The phone constantly rings out, The assistant never gets back to me when she says she will and I have my Director breathing down my neck for results.

We have decided to write this off as abad experience and it hasn’t really affected things too much for me or our Business but for those small companies out there please stay well clear of Sam Paul and the New Mount Media team!



Review of Sam Paul and Matt Goodman


Invoice number: 1670FB
Dated 19.04.14

New Mount Media contacted me with the promise of 500,000 unique views of an advert for my company on Facebook with an expected clickthrough rate of 1.6%. I was a little skeptical so agreed a test campaign of 250,000 for £300 plus vat.

It took several weeks for them to get an advert on to Facebook (they claim). However I have never seen the advert in my timeline. Nor have any of my friends, family or customers. Most importantly, I have never received a single extra click from Facebook (or any redirect or gateway New Mount may use) since they say the advert has been live. Not one.

New Mount Media are insisting that I am getting loads of clicks but just don’t know how to read Google Analytics properly. I have been running websites for many years, so this is akin to telling a gardener that they know nothing about grass.

If, like me, you are foolish enough to give this company money you will probably experience what I have:

– No results.
– Being told you are getting results but that you just can’t see them.
– Getting fobbed off.
– Ignored emails.
– Ignored phone calls.
– Loads of excuses.
– No refund.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.




New Mount Media are nothing more than chancers and charlatans.

Do yourself a favour, don’t go near this company. I trusted them and I wish I hadn’t. My advice to you would be to stop reading this now, save yourself some time and go elsewhere.

Maybe you’d like to know why?
Their sales guys are good, but there’s no crime in that. They offered us exactly what we were looking for which was a one month Facebook advertising trial with no strings attached. Here’s what I was told…
“Try it for a month, see what response you get and we’ll take it from there”…

“You’ll get a report showing you where your traffic is coming from and insights into you demographics.”

“There are no contracts, but should you wish to retain the allocation at the end of the campaign then of course you are able to do so for as long as required.”

That’s what they offer, but it’s not what they deliver.
What you’ll get is substandard adverts, put together by someone who has little (if any) knowledge of online advertising or behavioral economics.

Then they’ll ignore your calls. And they’ll ignore your emails. And they’ll take unauthorized payments from your credit card. I kid you not.

Why listen to me, what do I know?
I’m not some ranting loon who’s bitter at losing a few quid. All you really need to know about me is that I’ve worked in the marketing industry for over 20 years including a decade at a Young and Rubicam agency. I hope I know what I’m talking about and I thought I’d seen every fly-by-night there was. Until I started to work with New Mount Media. They’re really special.

Their idea of customer service is different.
Did I mention they don’t answer your calls and emails? Pretty nifty for a communications company don’t you think?

I don’t know how many phone calls I’ve made, dozens I expect. Only to be fobbed off with a half-baked excuses. I even contacted them by Facebook, their specialist area. Got no reply.

I couldn’t help but think I was inconveniencing them by being a customer and giving them money to work for us.

And heaven help you if your dedicated account handler is Sam Paul. If you’re unlucky enough to have this happen to you, my advice would be to back out of the deal as quickly as you can. Your bank balance will be grateful for it and your colleagues will certainly thank you.

And how about that report they promise?
They call it “A detailed Analytic Report. The report will help you to determine where most of your traffic is coming from within your target audience”
It’s one line. It isn’t a report. It will tell you how many people saw the advert and how many people clicked it. That’s all. No insights. No analysis.

Are you still with me?
If you’re still reading this, I’m sure it must sound like I’m making it up. Sadly, I’m not. And when you complain, they hide behind their Terms and Conditions and blatantly ignore basic business principles like trust, promises and simply doing what they said they would.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up, but allow me to share one last thing with you about me. I’ve never posted a complaint about a business before. I’m easy-going and usually tolerant enough to give people the benefit of the doubt.

But not New Mount Media, as I said they’re nothing more than chancers and charlatans.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the campaign didn’t work. They tell me we reached 162,549 people. Our google analytics reports that traffic from Facebook to our website for the month was 19 users.

That’s 0.01% response. Maybe that sounds to you like the campaign didn’t happen at all?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

If you want more information feel free to email me. I’ll get back to you. I’ll even send you all my email transcripts if you like, then you can decide for yourself.

Or you could just take my word for it, stop reading this now, save yourself some time and go elsewhere.

I wish I had.

By the way. We continued with them for a second month (because they’d taken payment) but because we decided not to take it any further we didn’t get our report. A less reputable company I am yet to meet.


It all seemed fairly legitimate until I paid. Then the company became unreachable.

Angry at myself for allowing it to happen. I am pretty tech savvy but with things so busy at work you dont have time to second guess everyone who makes contact. I guess that is my lesson learnt.

Avoid New Mount Media or any connected company. They obviously have no clue or moral standards.