Overall – this company is a complete scam.  Please do not make the mistake of giving them your credit card info.  It took me 6 months to resolve this with my bank.  You will get NOTHING for the monelyyou pay, and I dont mean a bad service I mean NOTHING. If you want details read on…

About 8 months ago a rep from a UK based company called New Mount Media contacted me to pitch me on a new social media marketing concept. He explained in a very convincing manner than his company has been working in various forms of online marketing and are experts in targeted social media marketing.  Since I have been running facebook ads for my fitness company for a while, I was interested being a local business it was important that I get a very targeted audiance to respond to my ads.  He explained that his company developed an app for facebook which lets them target the audience not only by demographics but what they are currently discussing and searching for



…..  So for my market (women, who may be interested in weight loss in Toronto), would be prested my ad. It sounded very interesting and after a lot of back and forth I agree dto give them a try.  One of the things they also promised was they would (as a bonus) provide me with 1000 extra facebook likes to my pages (which would be collecetd organixcally, and specially targeted).  The rep was very persistant in explaining how they dont make money off this special offe rthey are giving me (th e contract was on a monthly basis), so he said teh first month to them is at a loss because of the grpahics they had to develop and create my camaign, but it was worth it becaue they are more interested in keepign me as a logn term custtomer and they new they would because I woudl get great results.  Finally they promised monthly reports and that I would be in touch with an account rep to get set up.

So teh agreement was they would do 50,000 impressions of my ad (again very targeted) and 100o facebook likes over  amonth for around $315 (USD).

And this is what they delivered:

1. Facebook likes – yes I got about 1000 new likes of fake facebook accounts overnight (you can see that each profile that “liked: my page was created on the same date and had no history in their profile, just basically a fake facebook page) This is useless.

2. The Facebook ad- they emailed me a stock photo with the word “Health” on it and something on the lines of Get HEalthy Today or something completly general fo rmy ad.  I send them a picture and ad copy that was more appropriate.

That was it for our contact forabout a month.  I did not see wher emy ad was running, and I watched my analytics carefully and saw no change on my web traffic.  I do quite a bit of online advertising and monitor everything. I reache dout to them asking who my account rep and for a report serveral times over the next few weeks and got no reply.

Finally, I told them I am cancelling fo rthe next month and want a refund because I did not see the service was delivered.  The sales rep called me back (by teh way this seems to be th eonly person who would speak with me) and told me they will run my capiagn free for another 30 days.  I explained that I need some, any kind of proof that they ran this ad.  AGAIN, he culd not provide me anything.

After many months of trying to get myt money back between them and my bank this finally got resolved (6 months later).  You can understand, not many poeple have time to chase $300, or spend time writing these reports, but I just felt I needed to do justise here.

Please be careful! They send you a non refundable contract (one of those 10 pafe contracts that no one really reads – and yes I shoudl have), so it becomes difficult to get your bank to take your side.  Luckly I have never in 20 years Ive been with my bank disputed a charge and finally after a LOT of back and forth with this vendor the bank refunded my money.



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